“No Way The Floats Will Hold After All This”

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CITADEL EQUIPMENT: 338 ULTRA MAG High Flow float equipment with the Integral Debris Management System

BASIN: Eagleford, McMullen County, TX TVD: 10,500 ft MD: 22,000 ft

CHALLENGE: A major operator in the Eagleford ran 6-inch production casing using Citadel’s 338 ULTRA MAG High Flow valves with the integral ACKBARTM Debris Management System in conjunction with a leading casing buoyancy system. Due to adverse well conditions, casing was aggressively worked to bottom while the ULTRA MAG valves were exposed to full hydrostatic pressure of over 6,200 psi @ 290°F while casing was jarred to TD for nearly 48 hours.

RESULT: Casing successfully reached TD with buoyancy intact. The casing buoyancy sub was burst and ceramic debris successfully captured by the ACKBAR debris trap in the float collar above the valves. Over 1,000 bbls of mud (11.6 ppg) was circulated at 11 bpm prior to cementing. The cement job was successful, displaced at 10 bpm with the 338 ULTRA MAG float equipment holding solid allowing operations to continue while WOC.

“I had doubts the floats would hold based on how much we beat on the pipe to bottom. The cement job ended up going textbook: displaced at 10 bpm, had 40 bbls spacer to surface, bled back 11.5 bbls, and Citadel floats held.”

-Eagleford Drilling Engineer